Sunday, November 20, 2011

Poe's Noble Visage.

This, I say - THIS - was the true visage of  Edgar Allan Poe. Noble of brow, clear-eyed, straight-forward and  honest. Samuel S. Osgood produced, it seems, two portraits of Poe - one looking to left , and one looking to the right. Both show the same inviting, intelligent, noble visage. My thanks to Undine for using the first image on her blog (shown below), and thus reminding me of this forgotten portrait. Below the portraits will be seen a link to her excellent blog.

Undine's Blog - Most excellent! :


Undine said...

Thanks! The Osgood portrait was actually the best-known image of Poe for many years after his death, but you rarely see it reproduced anymore. I suppose that's because it doesn't fit the popular image of Poe as nothing but a drunken, half-crazy train wreck.

Gayle Pritchard said...

These are great to see. I was just looking at Poe's image in my collection of vintage author portrait cards! There is a picture and a quote in one of my old blog posts: