Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Shred of Dignity - Two for for One & All in One

Professor Booknoodle is the online avatar of a bookseller who has a full and rewarding life of his own . The Professor's main purpose is to entertain and amuse. But don't tell him that, because he takes himself very seriously. Oh - maybe not all that seriously, for he certainly amuses himself well enough. I have actually heard a few low chuckles emanate out from under his whiskers. The Professor does enjoy sharing the odd snippet of information ... and bits and scraps from the past. He becomes totally embroiled in his essays. He doesn't understand why the world wouldn't also be embroiled. I once broached with him the possibility that he was an extension of me .... that we were two separate identities in one. I didn't quite say that he was a figment of my consciousness ... imaginary as it were. Not quite. He started, and looked quizzically at me with something almost like misty regret in his eyes. But only momentarily. He then bounded up with his usual energy, striding back and forth in front of the hearth, waving his arms about. "Two ids! Two ids!", he cried out, excitedly. Of course the professor looks at everything as a philosophical challenge. "Haw! One for two and two for One!" He quipped. He was immediately intrigued with the concept of two separate ids in one person, and wondered what old Sigmund would think and say about these two ids. I could tell that the Professor had already assumed the idea to be his own. "Two ids. Super!", the professor exclaimed, egotistically. Best we let the old codger maintain his identity, and at least a shred of dignity. View : BOOKS FOR SALE

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Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Well that's two of us with at least two Ids !