Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Whipped for Euripides

The following is taken from an old book review from 1856: Euripides Translated. Harper & Brothers. "We believe in translations for the use of schoolboys. We advocate them. We know that we profited more at school by the surreptitious use of the "cribs" and "ponies", than we ever did by the wearisome drillings of teachers. Milton, and many another great scholar, spoke in favour of teaching youth by means of them. And finally, we think that any old fogy of a schoolmaster [harrumph!] who would whip a boy because he caught him with a 'tran', deserves to be well whipped himself. Therefore we commend Euripides Translated, in the edition before us, to all desirous of studying Greek - and, as the versions are of marked merit - to those who would obtain some idea of the stately poet in English." harrumph ... all this confounded talk of whipping gives me a headache and makes my toes twitch! I am sure any ponies used back then far outstripped todays cliffhanger reports in content and acumen of insight. View BOOKS FOR SALE

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