Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A giant cinematic, technicolor harrumph from me. I was reading a review for a new movie (which somebody brought to my attention). I was taken aback by the casual acceptance as normal  of the movie's puerile sensibilities, which to me seem nothing so much as gutterish. As in so many other modern movies, I find the Rabelesquean emphasis on bathroom humor and body functions offensive. I guess it is just one more thing that removes me from modern sensibilities and from the generation known as tweens. Actors and actresses are frequently seemingly adult, but they are constantly playing to the immature (of course - that is where the 'bling' is). I am shocked sometimes by the casual, flippant mentioning of private outre acts, which, at least in my time, would not even have been thought of, let alone talked about except by the most debauched minds, (or by psychiatrists, but they would, in their examination of such, have had the decency to guard their thoughts in a plain brown wrapper.) Has society regressed to an infantile state? I know it certainly has as regards political candidates. I guess where the one is the other is to be expected.


Unknown said...

Ah, the bathroom humor. I struggled last week to find a birthday card for my husband that didn't include bathroom humor or dirty old man jokes.

Next time I'm going to find him one like this. (I hope blogger accepts links in the comments.


Jane (kilfoil on ebay)

Professor Booknoodle © said...

They seem to have had a tumble!